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 世界卫生组织(WHO)高于0.08 PPM的甲醛浓度对人体有害

  • 一般新居装修后,甲醛浓度或超过 2 ppm; 超标25倍;
  • 潻置全新家俬,甲醛浓度或超过 1 ppm; 超标12.5倍;
  • 燃点香烟 30 分钟,甲醛浓度达 0.21 ppm; 超标2.6倍
(各项甲醛浓度标准 现时,几乎每个国家都有自身独特的一套甲醛测量标准。 而世界公认的甲醛浓度标准主要以世界卫生组织 (WHO) 、欧盟、以及美国的相关标准为首)
XMITE INDOOR AIR专业除甲醛服务,为新装修的新屋和办公室提供除甲醛的服务。我们利用日本技术除甲醛光触媒药剂,配合多款前端设备,多管齐下、彻底分解室内甲醛泉源。 配合精准甲醛测量仪,确保空间维持良好甲醛指标,以优质服务一站式解决甲醛问题,让您和家人无后顾之忧。 如果想了解更多,我们欢迎你的查询。

XMITE INDOOR AIR we are professional formaldehyde removal service provider for newly renovated home and offices. Applying the advance newly improved formulation, Japanese technology photocatalyst agent, coupled with advance detection / application equipment, we are able to degrade indoor formaldehyde source to an acceptable level. So that you and your family have no worries moving to the new home. If you want to know more, we welcome your inquiry.
Tel: 013-722 6128
Solutions to eliminate Formaldehyde
Advance equipment for accurate readings
Professional service coupled with new application devices
All areas covered and detailing is important for maximum effect

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